Vitamins that help you Lose Weight

There is without doubt an upsurge in dieting and working out in most developed countries, due to both health reasons as well as well as the current fad or vogue. Losing weight, however, has never been an easy task, especially if it is not carefully planned and structured. But, very often, a lack of essential minerals and vitamins are at the root of the problem of obesity and thus using vitamin supplements may be extremely useful in stimulating the loss of body weight.

Vitamins that help you Lose Weight

• Vitamin C – Research has shown that those individuals with low levels of C vitamin in their blood burn twenty-five percent less fat after exercising than those with sufficient concentrations of this vital vitamin. Namely, vitamin C is in charge of producing carnitine, which converts fat into energy for the body. Furthermore, the recommended intake or dosage for this vitamin is 1,200 milligrams a day. The mentioned nutrient is also vital for the glands to function properly, as it aids in speeding up the metabolism, and as a result, the body burns up more calories.

• The Vitamin B Family – The B vitamin complex or family is very important where weight loss is concerned. In actual fact, these vitamins are called the stress vitamins. What is it that they do? Vitamins B3 and B6, for instance, provide fuel for the cells, in this way permitting them to burn energy in a more effective manner. Also, it is a fact that digesting food depends on pancreatic enzymes that require B6 vitamin (along with minerals such as zinc) for their production. Of the B vitamins, it is B6 which is a metabolism booster as well. Furthermore, the appropriate functioning of the thyroid gland is vital for producing the hormones which have control over the metabolism and the vitamins B2 and B3, as well as B6 are needed for this. Also, vitamin B3 has an effect on the glucose tolerance factor, while vitamin B5 aids in the producing of energy and fat metabolism. The vitamin B3 is very helpful in reducing cravings for sweets. We can see that a lack in one of the nutrients from the B vitamin family can have considerable negative effects on the digestion, as well as overall energy and the metabolism. Vitamins that help you Lose Weight, As is well known, using a B complex dietary supplement is possibly the best way to prevent this from happening.

• Vitamin D – There is a fatty acid called synthase, which is an enzyme that converts ingested calories into deposited fat. Furthermore, a lack of calcium and D vitamin can boost this enzyme, while sufficient vitamin D levels in combination with sufficient amounts of calcium can impede the production of this fatty acid. Thus, it seems there is a definite link between obesity and a lack of D vitamin, according to scientists. All in all, deficiencies of vitamin D3 deficiencies have been connected with medical conditions such as insulin resistance and obesity, as well as the metabolic syndrome.
Other Supplements –

A.  A vitamin-like compound, CoQ10, also helps to produce 95 percent of the body’s energy, as well as being a thermogenic, which means it boosts the metabolism, thus causing the body to burn fat faster.

B.  Another option are Omega-3 fatty acids, which have plenty of fish oil, and the most important of these fatty acids that aid with weight loss are EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid, and DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. Also Vitamins that help you Lose Weight, fish oils are beneficial, which help with stool regularity, as well as improving joint pain, which facilitates exercising.

C.  A supplement that helps to break down proteins, such as L-carnitine, is also recommended for weight loss.

Reference: vitaminmag


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